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I've put quite a few hours into this game, probably more than necessary, and I've been waiting to feel out the long game, but it seems like I have to say something at this point.

It's as solid an idle clicker as you can get, fair and decent for what you wait through to get the good stuff in the game, but when you're stuck on the slow parts, you're really stuck. It's like the progression stagnates mid section where it takes literally ages to get near 50B skulls with non-tap and skulls up by 250% power. It's like these power numbers mean almost nothing in the long run. Unless there's some strat that I'm running properly to get the highest numbers possible.

Zeryuu made an excellent point, it's still on 1.00.12 and that could be because Newgrounds can't update any further, but it seems disingenuous of the game to tell me that it's updating when it seems to have stagnated long ago. Hell, I would love to get the Easter update for the items, but there's just nothing to indicate that that will ever happen. Even the update where I could watch an ad to speed up the wait time for the building upgrades never arrived.

Seriously a shame.

Prettu bad.

Limited animation, broken jumping mechanic (essentially the point of this game), and quirky music. It's nothing to write home about. All in all though, for a first game it's clear that it was rushed out the door.


It's really good, it's great and hard quite the challenge. But for everything it does right, it has one thing that kills me, and that's the music. No, not because it's bad, but because I can't mute it. It almost seems common place to turn off the music in games in flash that I barely call it a minimum requirement, but honestly, it helps to relax to your own music when you play a game that is intended to be hard, and thus stressful. Otherwise, fantastic game.


I enjoyed.

Plus, I really just wanted to see this awesome new review system. Anywho, good game sir.



I'm so hoping this passes. It's just that hilarious. Anyways, great game and I was surprised that their was actually an ending to this game. Awesome.

A few things...

Add Whistle Status, Stickers, and Sign up date (I don't know how just try it is all). Make it a version two with some strange animation effects and bam! A neat package of the NG Calculator all in one! Who knows, if it's good enough, it may even go into Newgrounds, instead of just being a Flash. By the way my account is worth: $74.392. Lol, that's cool.


Greatest game since...The Mini-Putt series.

Only much better. Totally awsome, at first it showed up black on mine, but than I just exited out and played it again and it worked fine. Anyways, the game is an incredibly well done piece of that good-ol'-fashion gaming we all love. The music tottaly won me over though, as well as the interactivity and humor. Overall this deserves an easy ten. j00 r teh 1337! =)


PsychoGoldfish responds:

=). Thanks.

Ending Status...

Level:41(My hand hurts like hell.)
Cash:Lots...I guess.
Archers: 177
Defense Wall: 6700hp
Upgrade Tower: Yes/And all abilitys bought.
Fire Walls:31(Total)
Number of Mouse Clicks:16,802
Anybody top that?

I've waited for this.

Yes! This is so awsome! Good job Sketch, Earthworm Jim and Contra mix, smooth graphics and detailed draws and good game play equals one rockin' game. Great moves and lots of smooth gameplay, the coding was excellent the freeness really led you on, the health bar good idea and the short attack option gives you two options for attacks...Hey what can I say? Great Flippin Job! Great job and I hope to see more like this if not even better!


SketchMichaels responds:

Thanks, can't take all the credit, though; it's as much Nero's as mine... he did a great job makin' it smooth and enjoyable.

Glad you liked it :D


Thank god, now i know how kinkels did it...Maybe. Lol, well thank you, that is extremely helpful. It seems that there will be another one...Great! However, I don't know what else to really put in, but, fantastic! I'm glad you went through with the idea of the weapons I applaud and congrats to you. I've been to this website since like 2000 or so, and I still remember the good old Assassins (Floating heads that you could mutilate lol). Anyways, I love the tutorials, can't wait to see the next one and have fun! It's amazing how fast these tutorials are made, and each one is no less than amazing. (Nice selection of music).


DJRunaway responds:

Wow, thanks! :)

I've been here for too long.

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