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It's funny.

Both in context that you believed it would be blammed, and that it wasn't good. Here's the run down:

It was very good.

For a first shot at animation and tweaking with sounds and general files and movement, you've pretty much taken a big step from the comfort of your art and into moving art, which is, for all purposes, not as easy as it sounds. If you continue in this direction, at least, with flash, I believe you'd do better then the hundred of thousands of animations that have come down the line.

Sabtastic responds:

lol! ..But I thought Newgrounds users were SUPER MEAN to noob Flash animators?? XD
Haha - I guess those rumors aren't totally true. c: Woohoo! :D

Thanks VERY much for the kind words! ^^


Thank you for making a dramatic reading of this shit. And drawing it in its utterly crude manner.


It's silly, it's short, and devoid of much color. But you know what? It's very smoothly animated and fun to watch. Hope to see more.

devilsgarage responds:

Hehe.. Glad you liked it and thanks for your comments.
May 'Strawberryclock' be with you. Cheers!

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I've put quite a few hours into this game, probably more than necessary, and I've been waiting to feel out the long game, but it seems like I have to say something at this point.

It's as solid an idle clicker as you can get, fair and decent for what you wait through to get the good stuff in the game, but when you're stuck on the slow parts, you're really stuck. It's like the progression stagnates mid section where it takes literally ages to get near 50B skulls with non-tap and skulls up by 250% power. It's like these power numbers mean almost nothing in the long run. Unless there's some strat that I'm running properly to get the highest numbers possible.

Zeryuu made an excellent point, it's still on 1.00.12 and that could be because Newgrounds can't update any further, but it seems disingenuous of the game to tell me that it's updating when it seems to have stagnated long ago. Hell, I would love to get the Easter update for the items, but there's just nothing to indicate that that will ever happen. Even the update where I could watch an ad to speed up the wait time for the building upgrades never arrived.

Seriously a shame.

Prettu bad.

Limited animation, broken jumping mechanic (essentially the point of this game), and quirky music. It's nothing to write home about. All in all though, for a first game it's clear that it was rushed out the door.


It's really good, it's great and hard quite the challenge. But for everything it does right, it has one thing that kills me, and that's the music. No, not because it's bad, but because I can't mute it. It almost seems common place to turn off the music in games in flash that I barely call it a minimum requirement, but honestly, it helps to relax to your own music when you play a game that is intended to be hard, and thus stressful. Otherwise, fantastic game.


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Fun for the whole family!

But seriously, nicely done, a very enjoyable track with great timing and fun to blast in the car. :P


Very very awesome reenactment. Faithful to the original. Always a bonus. If they had put this into the game I would've been happy. Even though the game version was particularly bad. :D

Well done.

ROFLWAFFL!?! Anyway, great, now I know what it sounds like in Speakonia. I just didn't want to waste my time trying to see what it's like. Good job.


cr0miumZX responds:


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She seems pretty alright for murdering her husband and child. Doing just fine.

Sabtastic responds:

She's a free woman now!

Hahahaaaaa... that was horrible I'll show myself out.

It's surreal.

I imagine if this ever got front page, it would be like mixing Coca Cola and Pepsi. Or at the very least, dividing by zero. Love it, not as grandeur as the original in its brilliantly unique simplistic devices... But it's defiantly a second best.


Araelyn responds:

Why thank youuu. :)

I thought something was up.

And luckily it's everything I thought it could and would be after looking at the profile picture.

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