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It's funny.

Both in context that you believed it would be blammed, and that it wasn't good. Here's the run down:

It was very good.

For a first shot at animation and tweaking with sounds and general files and movement, you've pretty much taken a big step from the comfort of your art and into moving art, which is, for all purposes, not as easy as it sounds. If you continue in this direction, at least, with flash, I believe you'd do better then the hundred of thousands of animations that have come down the line.

Sabtastic responds:

lol! ..But I thought Newgrounds users were SUPER MEAN to noob Flash animators?? XD
Haha - I guess those rumors aren't totally true. c: Woohoo! :D

Thanks VERY much for the kind words! ^^


Thank you for making a dramatic reading of this shit. And drawing it in its utterly crude manner.


It's silly, it's short, and devoid of much color. But you know what? It's very smoothly animated and fun to watch. Hope to see more.

devilsgarage responds:

Hehe.. Glad you liked it and thanks for your comments.
May 'Strawberryclock' be with you. Cheers!


That blows man. At least you'll learn how to drink without throwing up.


Like my nuts, in a cold winter.


Not very good. The music was offensively (and when I use this term it's not the content that was offensive, but rather the way it was rapped) drawled and generally unfunny. Luckily, the art direction and animation was good.

I'm at a loss.

I'd love to say that it was grand, but in reality there didn't seem to be much substance/reason for the character to be running for tomorrow. There's not much reason for the girls to exist other then set pieces of the play, but the use of black and white and everything else in the show seemed like you needed a deeper understanding of the song, which made it completely uninteresting.

Which is why it comes down to inaccessibility, for me. I could never connect with any of the characters because the song can't portray them any differently than what you've drawn those figures as. With no set up as to why they needed rainbow socks, good shoes, or etc. it seemed like a mass parade of drawings with animation and recycled techniques.

Ignore me if you wish, but in the end, it wasn't all terrible. What you did wasn't terribley easy to do, since flash isn't terribley easy to work with. So cheers.

I guess....

This is what Rtil has been talking about. "HAY IS THAT NINTENDO WITH A FUNNY SOUND CLIP AND LIP SYNCH!" It's gold.

I hate...

Stupid newbies. Oh and I have nothing useful to input, I just hate people who say "LOL IT'S CARL FROM AQUERZTEAM!"

Was sad...

Didn't even tell us background on what the more troubling cartoon was. Awell, it was truly awesome, funny and all that.


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